Our range of services

VAT Assessments
VAT Investigations
Transactions Liability
VAT Compliance



Litigation in the First
Tier (Tax) Tribunal


Excise & Customs Duty




Penalty Disputes


Contractual Disclosure Facility ("CDF")


Liaison with HMRC









We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • VAT investigations and disputes
  • Tax enquiries and investigations (CoP9)
  • Duty investigations, including customs, excise and anti-dumping duties
  • VAT and customs compliance


Where advice is required on accountancy or tax issues for legal proceedings, we can help.


We specialise in assisting solicitors and their clients in reviewing and preparing a case for Court. We have been instructed in several cases for Defence solicitors, where their clients are facing charges ranging from embezzlement, fraud, VAT and tax evasion, money laundering and through to dealing with Confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime legislation.